The Roden Crater Website

Made possible through Grants from Dia Center for the Arts,
Lannan Foundation, and the AT&T Foundation

Producers Dia Center For The Arts in association with 501C3 Inc. and Kaufman Patricof Enterprises (KPE)
Executive Producer Michael Govan
Senior Producers Peggy Weil and Alyce Dissette
Production Contributors Jeff Kozera and Sara Tucker

For KPE:
Producers Dan Abrams and Trevor Kaufman
Co-producer Douglas Graham
Art Director Ron Kimberling
Technical Director Michael Holt
Additional Design and Production Tina Gongsakdi, Gabrielle Heller, Gia Palermo and Andrew Solmssen

Produced in cooperation with The Skystone Foundation:
James Turrell
Nancy Taylor, Director
Thomas McGrath, Roden Crater Project Manager
Geoffrey Gourley, Associate

Special thanks to Craig Adcock, Paul Bustamante, Peter Blum, Michael Bond, Lynne Cooke, Barbara Dalderis, Stephen Dewhurst, Patrick Lannan Jr., Tim McClimon, Kathleen Merrill, Sharri Penland, Doug Ruppel, Suzanne Sato, James Schaeufele, and Julia Brown Turrell